About Us

Leadhost.biz was created with an aim to provide the most effective webhosting services for both private and corporate customers. Forming Leadhost.biz. Our company made great efforts to find the best experts in the area of Web-hosting. We are customer-oriented Company. We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the market and trying to get mutual understanding of clients’ needs, so to provide the most effective webhosting services.

Leadhost.biz stands for reliability, affordability, and efficiency. We are leaders made these three words fundamental within the framework of Leadhost business activity.

Reliability means 99, 9% of uptime, best datacenters (the quality of which is approved by long time partnership), and high-skilled technical staff. Our technicians make every customer receive what he/she really needs. Believe it or not, we know very well how to provide a fully functional server that is always available 24/7.

Affordability is shown through simple tariff plans, easy design, and package approach to solving the tasks. All these and many other things were designed with one aim - to simplify the use of hosting services. Unlike other companies, Leadhost.biz team realizes that not all customers, who want to use webhosting services, are experienced users. We are open to share the needs of our clients: optimizing the prices, explaining in plain words the nature of our activities, offering and consulting until the customer makes an informed and profitable choice for himself.

Efficiency is always a balance. In a world with no clear-cut solutions, LeadHost.biz aims to only respectable and logically sound basis - achievement of golden mean between the price and the quality. Taking only reasonable and well-thought-out decisions, we are more than interested in our customers’ satisfaction. Only in this case we can say that we are proud of our work.