Hosting Rules

The present document describes the usual norms of working Internet network, the follow of which is mandatory for all customers/users. The action of these norms apply on the way of the use of the network recourses. Here forth, the word Network describes the Internet network of the Executor and other networks available from this.

It is strictly prohibited:

  1. To deploy websites:
    1. Containing promotion of violence, fascism, communism, extremism, terrorism, nationalism, chauvinism, racial hatred, or proclaiming one special race , nationality, sex that surpass others, or setting other races, nationalities, sex inferior and also the websites containing appeals to overthrow of legitimate authority in any state;
    2. Encouraging, supporting or propagandising the activity breaking federal, republican or local laws of the states where the server with the information located and breaking Moldavian or international agreements;
    3. Propagandising hacking software and extending passwords to websites of the pornographic contents or to any other paid resources;
    4. With the materials not corresponding to the legislation of the states where the server physically located;
    5. With illegal distribution of medical preparations.
  • To undertake actions, including:
    1. Violation of the international agreements;
    2. Deception causing moral, material or physical damage;
    3. Other actions breaking norms of international law;
    4. Using of bots or any other programs starting on the server the remote console without the special arrangement.
  • To abuse the provided virtual server, making the following actions:
    1. Hacking is attempts of penetration into internal networks or networks and the computers available on the Internet;
    2. Using of fictitious email addresses on servers in the network of the company or on servers in networks of the third parties;
    3. SPAM in any manifestations;
    4. Performing of any sort of checks and scanning the computer system ports in networks of the company or other networks available on the Internet;
    5. Performing any sort of attacks on computer systems in the company networks or other networks available on the Internet;
    6. Network flood is a traffic consumption or network packages on the client equipment in the automatic mode.
  • To abuse the system equipment of the servers in a company network, making violations including:
    1. Installation on the server the programs which demand increased using of the RAM, processor resources or disk space;
    2. Permission of using the e-mail servers, services of readdressing of messages and answering machines to the third parties;
    3. Unauthorized sale of access to the attachments of the third companies established on the servers;
    4. Overconsumption of processor time and/or the random access memory (CPU/RAM), settled by the company;
    5. If the client has the scripts, occupying long time more system resources than settled, the company will insist on its removal within 48 hours;
    6. If the client doesn't undertake any actions, the scripts will be disconnected by the company personnel;
    7. If the scripts considerably influence on server productivity, the company reserves the rights of its shutdown at the time of detection with the obligatory notification of the client.
  • Boundaries of responsibility:
    1. The company doesn't bear responsibility for the content of the client's sites;
    2. The company puts responsibility on the client for the safety of the password and login for the account, and in case of its loss or theft disclaims all responsibility for consequences;
    3. The company doesn't bear responsibility for loss of the data through the client's fault.
  • Terms and conditions of payment:
    1. MoneyBack (return of unused costs) is carried out within 3 calendar days after the order of services (receipt of the corresponding ticket with the order to billing system). Besides the interdictions described above, the owner of any webpage/domain or technical recourse of the Network can determine his terms and rules of use of the network.

The rules of use the recourses or the link to them are placed by the owners or administrators of those recourses. The rules of use of the internet recourses are mandatory to be followed by all the users in the place of the connection with these kind of recourses.

The user is obliged to follow all the rules of use of the recourses or stop the use immediately.