LeadHost guarantees sites' operability by the Service Level Agreement or SLA.

For hosting we guarantee the following quality indicators:

  1. Running percentage of web-server (Hosting Site Availability). The mid percentage of web-server's operability per month: no less than 99,9 %.
  2. Percentage of the packet loss send by the server (Hosting Server Packet Loss). The mid percentage of the packet loss per month: no more than 0,2%.
  3. Emergency and fail conditions response time(Hosting Fault Reporting).
    1. Response and overall critical fail clearance time by the support service: no more than 12 hours.
    2. Response and overall non-critical fail clearance time of the web-server by the support service: no more than 1 business day.
  4. Planned work (Planned Hosting Outages). From time to time we carry out the engineering works or preventive measures at servers and routers. The Company will make the best efforts to inform you about the planned work in good time. We send you an e-mail at least five days before the date.
  5. Response time of the support office The response time of the support service to the Online request is no more than 30 minutes at the usual business hours (Mo-Fr from 9:00 till 18:00, +2 GMT) and no more than two hours at emergency period. The support service answer should contain an estimated problem time, data request necessary for its solving or progress/repair message.
  6. Compensation. In rare cases when the performance site quality or triggered service will be disagreed with an indicators in Paras 1, 2, 3 and 5 SLA, You have the right to claim a downtime compensation form the Company. Compensation decision is shaped at the head of Company department level.